responsible consumption

Concerned about our environment

At Frutas Poveda we have always made a firm and decisive commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Every day we get a little more involved, making efforts and investments to try to reduce our footprint on the planet as much as possible. All our actions are directed towards efficient energy consumption, integrated waste management and greater efficiency in water consumption.


Significant reduction of our CO2 emissions thanks to a new calibrator and a large solar photovoltaic installation for self-consumption of 1,500 solar panels.

Zero Plastics

Reduction of plastics by using only those that are 100% recyclable and always looking for similar materials with the same functionality.


Intelligent self-management waste through a continuously updated proprietary system, reducing the impact on the environment to a minimum.

External managers

In Frutas Poveda we have implemented a responsible waste management with authorized external managers.

Second life

Second life for all our by-products originating from our facilities (juices, essential oils, jams, etc.).

Sustainable transport

We are renewing our fleet of vehicles with hybrid or fuel-efficient models and optimizing transportation routes to reduce our carbon footprint.

With the renovation of our calibrator, we have managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by 187.03 tons per year.

Total investment: 480,000 €.

Total grant awarded: 96,000 €.

Funding from ERDF: 76,800 €.

Action co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Region of Murcia.

Self-consumption photovoltaic installation with zero discharge system.

Project for the installation of 1,500 solar panels on the roof of our warehouses, with a total power of 474.12 kWp, achieving an estimated saving of 216.17 tCO2 per year.

Grant Status: Awarded (2019)

Total investment in promotion of renewable energies: 285,120 €.

Total grant awarded: 95,660 €.

Funding from ERDF – 80%: 76,528 €.

Global energy audit of Frutas Poveda to collect information and data on production, consumption, facilities and recording of values at significant points of consumption. These data are analyzed, and each of the measures aimed at improving energy efficiency in the plant are proposed and implemented.

Grant Status: Awarded (2019)

Total investment: €5,900

Total grant awarded: 3,540 €.

Financing from ERDF – 80%: 2,832 €.


Energy efficiency and renewable energies.

In Frutas Poveda we are committed to the environment and the achievement of a cleaner and more sustainable economy, contributing to promote and encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.