The company

Who we are

A story of effort and dedication

Our history dates back to 1982, the year in which Juan Poveda Vera, after more than 10 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, decided to create his own company: Frutas Poveda. A company that was born as a small family of 20 people that, after two generations, has become a large family with more than 500 members that continues to expand throughout the national and international territory.

Currently, Frutas Poveda produces and packs in our own fields more than 30 varieties of stone fruit and 4 varieties of lemon.

Quality and sustainability: the pillars of our corporate philosophy.


Our mission at Frutas Poveda is to grow and offer the best fruits with love and dedication for the satisfaction of our most demanding consumers.


Our vision is to lead the production of sustainable fruits, respecting the environment and taking care of our customers' health.


Our core values are honesty, integrity and a love for things well done.

Future-proofed facilities

We have modern facilities of 11,000 m2 located on a large plot of 30,000m2, with a planned expansion of more than 5,000m2 for the preparation and packaging of citrus fruits.

We have the latest technology in prepacking machinery, state-of-the-art electronic calibrators, robots for palletizing, etc. Likewise, our intelligent refrigeration systems are equipped with the latest applications in energy efficiency and online control.

Our traceability system is fully automated and our calibrators are up to date with the latest technological advances; quality vision, color, diameter, etc.

Continuing on our path towards more sustainable production, we have a modern installation of 1,500 solar panels for self-consumption.

With the use of all these renewable energies, we stopped emitting 216.17 tons of CO2 per year.

Our human team,
a big family.

At Frutas Poveda we like to define ourselves as a big family. And, as such, we care about each and every one of the people who are part of it.

In this sense, our company is governed by the criteria and values of transparency, ethics, equality and a close relationship with the people who make up our community.

In line with our training plan, we work on the continuous development of programs for the growth of our team and we promote actions that reinforce the feeling of company and family. All this has led us, among other things, to be the only company in the citrus sector to have been awarded the
Distinctive of Equality of the Region of Murcia, granted by the regional government.
granted by the regional government.