Flat peach

Flat peach
+ 1,000,000 kg
May and June
We have all the packaging used in the national and international market. We design specific formats at the request of our customers.

Frutas Poveda's Flat peach, a healthy and nutritious fruit.

The Flat peach is a fruit that stands out for its flavor, texture and intense colour. During the months of May and June, it is one of the most demanded fruits by our customers because of its nutritional properties, being a great natural source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C.

In Frutas Poveda we are proud to have produced more than 1 million kg of this delicious fruit during the last season, grown with the highest quality and care so that it reaches your table in the best conditions. In addition, we strive to offer you healthy and nutritious products, and the flat peach is one of our most recommended options for a balanced and healthy diet. Try our flat peaches and discover their flavour and health benefits.

In-house production to guarantee quality and safety

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