Expanding quality

Since our foundation in 1982, we have experienced a continuous growth that has led us to open new markets all over the world.

In the last few years we have opened several avenues of work with Arab and Latin American countries and we are currently working on creating new lines of business with countries such as the USA, China, Japan and Australia.

This growth is always carried out under the firm commitment to maintain our quality standards and our values of sustainability, ethics and transparency. All this without neglecting our traditional markets.

Certified quality in each harvest

All our crops are located in the best production areas of Murcia, Valencia and Andalusia and are audited and certified under the Global GAP of European quality, IFS, BRC, GRASP and SMETA.


In-house production to guarantee
quality and safety

At Frutas Poveda we carry out quality and safety controls at all levels of production, from the time the fruit is grown in our own plantations and those of our associates, until it is marketed.


We guarantee that the fruit is harvested at its optimum ripeness, carrying out rigorous controls of the raw material in the crops themselves.


Food safety is guaranteed at all times through controls during product handling processes.

Packaging and distribution

Controls in the packaging and palletization of our products and follow-up controls, ensuring that the fruit arrives with the highest quality at its destination.