Commitment value

Actions related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are part of the company’s most important values, something we are particularly proud of. These actions are not only aimed at sustainability and addressing the climate emergency we are experiencing, but also at the welfare of consumers and the social and labor improvement of the people who are part of our team.

Committed to our consumers.

At Frutas Poveda we value the health and well-being of our consumers and consider them as part of the family. That is why we provide them with quality information on nutrition and healthy habits through various platforms, such as social networks, our website and labeling of our products.

Trabajadoras de Frutas Poveda

We take care of
of our team.

At Frutas Poveda, the well-being, safety and health of people is our priority. We offer specific training in first aid and occupational safety at various levels. We motivate our team to continue their training in languages, quality, communication skills and strategy, marketing, corporate social responsibility, gender equality, social media management, etc. In our constant effort to support and motivate our team, we continually hold events, workshops and trainings to which all our staff members have access.


Find out all about nutrition, wellness and sustainability in the Frutas Poveda blog.

In our blog you will find valuable information and practical tips for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.