Seedless - Seedless lemon.
+ 20,000,000 kg
Available 12 months of the year.
We have all the packaging used in the national and international market. We design specific formats at the request of our customers.

Traditional seedless flavor and available all year round.

For the last few years we have been producing and marketing the new Seedless variety. This variety, of Australian origin, is one of the most demanded because it is seedless, preserving the same flavour and better qualities than the traditional lemon.

In the last season, with an estimated 400 hectares, with young plantations, we expect to reach 20 million kilos soon and to continue growing in an orderly fashion up to 50 million kilos. 

As with our other lemon varieties with seeds, Frutas Poveda produces Seedless with and without post-harvest treatment (zero residues), as well as Seedless BIO.

In-house production to guarantee quality and safety

We take great care in every part of the process. Consumer satisfaction is our main objective.