Primofiori and Verna
+ 50,000,000 kg
Primofiori: September >> March.
Verna: April >> August.
We have all the packaging used in the national and international market. We design specific formats at the request of our customers.

We produce and commercialize lemon in all its varieties.

We highlight two of them for their excellent qualities:

A delicious variety characteristic of the Segura area. Its quality, flavor, large amount of juice and outstanding shelf life make it ideal for export.

We produce treated, untreated (zero waste) and organic Primofiori lemons.

This variety is characterized by its low level of acidity and because it has hardly any seeds. It is marketed in spring and summer and can have up to three blooms per year. Its skin is a little rougher than that of other varieties and has an elongated shape.

We produce treated and untreated (zero waste) Verna lemons as well as organic Verna.

In-house production to guarantee quality and safety

We take great care in every part of the process. Consumer satisfaction is our main objective.