Meet the fruits with the most sugar on the market

las frutas con más azúcar del mercado

Fruits with more sugar are healthy foods for the organism but, despite this, they should be eaten carefully and in moderation.

It is very common to think that if you suffer from diabetes there are certain fruits that you cannot eat because they contain more sugar, but this is not true. These people can consume fruit regardless of the amount of sugar they contain, but they must control the amount they eat. But even so, which are the fruits with the most sugar?

Fruits with more sugar

Knowing which fruits contain the most sugar is ideal for a healthier diet. As is already known, it is recommended to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, but, not all servings should be consumed in the same meal since it can increase blood glucose levels.

  • Grape. It is one of the fruits with more sugar, a regular serving of grapes, which on average can be 126 grams, provides our body with almost 20 grams of sugar. In addition, grapes are made up of 80% water and contain carbohydrates and vitamin C. In addition, it has depurative and detoxifying properties.
  • Banana. Eating a piece of this fruit is the same as ingesting 17 grams of sugar; in addition, it contains 75% water and is rich in iron, carbohydrates and potassium.
  • Apple. An intake of about 220 grams of apples is equivalent to about 20 grams of sugar. It is also one of the fruits with more sugar, but it is also very rich in fiber and contains pectin, a component that helps dissolve cholesterol and is great for diabetes.
  • Orange. One of our favourite fruits, perfect for fighting colds thanks to its high vitamin C content, as well as being very good for digestion. The consumption of one orange is equivalent to the consumption of almost 23 grams of sugar.

Remember that despite being fruits with more sugar, everyone can consume them, but always controlling the amount.

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