Our experience at Fruit Atraction 2023

Nuestra experiencia en la Fruit Atraction 2023

Once again, Fruit Attraction has been a great meeting point for the fruit and vegetable industry, and Frutas Poveda could not miss it.

Every year we attend this fair with more enthusiasm, we meet new companies, greet many of our customers and exchange impressions with friends from all over the world about trends and innovations that are taking place in our fruit and vegetable sector.

They are three really exhausting days, but very enriching, with new ideas, new challenges and a lot of motivation that makes us come back with a breath of fresh air and eager to implement the ideas gathered in the countless meetings.

There were many remarkable moments that we enjoyed at the event, so in this article we want to tell you a little about our experience at Fruit Attraction 2023.

The meeting point: Fruit Attraction 2023

Fruit Attraction, year after year, consolidates its position as the great meeting point between the producer sector and the end customer. This year was no exception; in fact, the massive attendance confirmed that this event is more than a meeting place; it is an opportunity for producers, distributors and consumers to be in direct contact.

In this way, fruit and vegetable companies can have direct feedback from consumers and listen to them in order to continue improving, growing and adapting to their needs.

A unique global opportunity

This year, once again, Frutas Poveda has had the opportunity to greet, chat and meet customers from all corners of the world.

It has been an intense three days, where we have not stopped exchanging ideas and experiences in the sector. Each greeting was an opportunity to understand the changing needs of the global marketplace.

Seedless lemons, the protagonists

For Fruit Attraction 2023 we wanted to take advantage and highlight our new line of seedless lemons, which were undoubtedly one of the stars of the event.

The positive acceptance and interest of the attendees confirmed something we already knew: that seedless lemons are not only a successful innovation, but also a response to market demand.

New contacts, new perspectives

The fair was not only a showcase for existing products, but also a platform to forge new contacts and explore job opportunities.

At Frutas Poveda we ended the event with a list of new contacts and potential collaborators for future projects and partnerships.

If you are in the sector, you have to go to Fruit Attraction.

Fruit Attraction 2023 reaffirmed the undeniable truth: being present at an event of this magnitude is more than an option, it is a necessity for any company in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and product exposure are crucial elements for growth and survival in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

The fruit and vegetable sector continues on an unstoppable wheel of evolution, innovation and development, and Fruit Attraction is the stage where we can see firsthand each of these transformations.

Every exhibitor, every talk and every handshake contributes to the richness and diversity of this ever-growing industry.

Conclusion: an experience that we will keep repeating.

In conclusion, the attendance of Frutas Poveda at Fruit Attraction 2023 has been more than a simple commercial participation.

It was a captivating experience that opened new doors, broadened horizons and reinforced our commitment to excellence in fruit production.

Frutas Poveda is ready to continue innovating and offering quality production to the whole world.

We look forward to the next Fruit Attraction 2024!

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