Did you know that…? Curiosities of the lemon

Curiosities of the lemon

At Frutas Poveda, we are fans of lemon and we love all the benefits and advantages it can bring you. But we are not only talking about health issues, it can also become your best ally for day-to-day problems.

If you want to get to know our citrus fruit par excellence, you can’t miss these curiosities that will make you love this fantastic fruit even more.

Know these 20 curiosities of the lemon

  1. The lemon originated in southern China, where it is worshipped and symbolizes happiness.
  2. The Romans used lemon to prevent moths from spoiling clothing.
  3. It arrived in Spain after the conquest of the Arabs and it was they who taught how to cultivate it.
  4. Spain is currently the world’s leading exporter of lemons, although Mexico is the largest producer.
  5. Lemon can help you to lighten your hair, use a little lemon when you wash your hair and you will see how little by little it will get a lighter shade.
  6. Before juicing a lemon, it is advisable to roll it on a flat surface to get all its juice.
  7. The fish is usually served with a slice of lemon on the side, because in the Middle Ages it was believed that if you accidentally choked on a bone, the acid in it would dissolve it.
  8. It was Christopher Columbus who in 1493 took lemon tree seeds to America to plant them, thus bringing this fruit to the continent.
  9. Lemon trees grow 3 to 6 meters high and are sparsely covered with foliage.
  10. If you pour a little lemon juice over salad leaves or peeled pieces of fruit, you will prevent oxidation.
  11. Lemon is a perfect ally to keep you in shape, because it eliminates all the toxins from our kidneys, helping in weight loss and maintenance.
  12. Lemons contain more juice, are thin-skinned, deep yellow in color and heavier.
  13. If you want to keep your nails clean and white, just soak your fingers in a little lemon juice for 10 minutes.
  14. Lemon is perfect for removing ink stains, mildew and rust.
  15. Its high content of citric acid and vitamin C stimulates the immune system and prevents infectious diseases.
  16. A medium-sized lemon weighing about 60 grams contains only fifteen calories.
  17. The Egyptians served lemon water during meals for guests to wash their fingers.
  18. Lemon facilitates the expulsion of uric acid through urine, thus naturally relieving headaches.
  19. Lemon can help you eliminate ants from your house, you only have to place small pieces in the places where they pass.
  20. Lemon juice applied on the skin helps to eliminate acne and improves the skin condition.

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