We are 40 years old!

We are 40 years old!

Last October 22 was a very special day for the entire Frutas Poveda team because we celebrated 40 years together spreading joy through our products and trying to improve the world around us.

It seems like yesterday, but four decades have passed since Juan Poveda Vera, founding partner, after more than 10 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, decided to create his own company in 1982.

What started as a small project full of illusion of a small family of about 20 members has become, after 40 years, a large family with more than 500 people that continues to grow.

And this is certainly cause for celebration, so that’s what we did.

How do we celebrate?

As it could not be otherwise, employees, female employees and all our family members gathered to celebrate a great party and live a very emotional day in our facilities.

We wanted to leave aside the corporate events that end up being so serious and empty to create something that was aligned with our values, more human, where everyone was at ease, so we turned it into a family event that we could enjoy with our loved ones.

After all, this is the essence of Frutas Poveda.

We were very happy to see all our team, family members and all the attendees who joined us on this special day.

After the long road we have traveled with effort and dedication, the best prize we could receive was to share this event with those we love the most.

Our values, always present

Without a doubt, it has been a very fun, intimate and familiar day, in which we have taken the opportunity to praise and remember the fundamental values of our company.

Values that have been our hallmark during these 40 years of history: commitment, effort, perseverance, social responsibility, sustainability and environmental protection.

For us it is a great satisfaction to have become a reference in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

Continuing to improve every day and continue to grow for at least another four decades will ensure that our large family continues to grow and that the fantastic team that we are today continues to be the essence of this company.

We have our sights set on the future, with a special focus on sustainability, environmental protection, water saving and integrated and ecological production control.

Therefore, we act with our goal in mind and our investment in sustainability is steadily increasing.

The installation of more than 1,500 solar panels for self-consumption within our facilities is just one example of where we are heading.

But undoubtedly, what truly defines Frutas Poveda is its human team. The main asset of our company is our people. We are continually developing programs for their growth and promoting actions that reinforce the idea of family that we defend so much and of which we are so proud.

Therefore, this whole celebration has really been for and because of you. Because we are one big family. Because all together, with common goals and objectives, we are stronger and unstoppable.

We are the Frutas Poveda family.

Thank you very much and here’s to another 40 years!

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