Do you know the most common lemon tree pests?

Plagas del limonero habituales

The lemon tree is one of our favorite fruit trees, since it gives us our citrus par excellence: the lemon. Although this is a tree that does not require special attention, it may have some problems. Therefore, we are going to list the most important lemon tree pests.

Lemon tree pests

Aphids: this type of pest appears when humidity is high and temperatures are above 15 degrees Celsius. Aphids are very small insects, less than 0.5 centimeters long, which are located on flower buds and buds. In this way they do not allow the tree to develop new leaves and cause the lemons to grow deformed, which means that they cannot be consumed.

Cottony Scale: this pest usually appears in summer, as it loves high temperatures and a dry environment and, in turn, this is the time that plants take advantage of to grow as much as possible until the cold weather arrives. Any error in cultivation will lead to the appearance of these parasites, found on the underside of leaves and stems.

Spider mite: this parasite is a very small mite, about 0.5 centimeters in size, red in color, which favors the warm, dry summer environment. The spider mite produces spider webs, by means of which it moves from one leaf to another.

This is a pest that is not very dangerous, but it does weaken plants a lot because it feeds on their cells.

Citrus leafminer: this pest damages the tender shoots of citrus trees. It is a caterpillar that lives on the underside of young leaves under the cuticle, the outermost waterproof layer of the leaves, which provides shelter and protection. It feeds on shoot juices, drying them and preventing trees from renewing their leaves and fruit.

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